Term Dates and Attendance

In common with all other state provision, our Partnerships Schools are open for 190 days per year. Training Days are set aside in addition to those 190 days by the Governing Board, for staff training purposes. There are 5 such statutory days in any school year. We use these dates for sharing assessment data and evidence (moderation), looking at new ways of delivering lessons, deepening subject knowledge (CPD) and further developing our whole-school ethos. One of the five days each year are devoted to Annual Report Writing and quality assurance of the comments written in the Annual Report.

Please remember that no term time holidays can now be authorised unless the circumstances are truly exceptional. Families taking holidays in term time may be subject to fixed penalty fines and, if necessary, further legal action. Please ask your child's school for further information.

Term Dates for academic year 2023 - 2024 are shown below. 

Attendance at school is really important, both for your child's educational development but also their social and emotional development too.

At Village Schools Partnership we monitor attendance closely and have a dedicated Attendance Officer, Angela Davis, for this purpose. The flowchart below shows how we manage attendance: if your child misses 5% of school time you will receive a notification letter asking you to bring your child's attendance back on track. If this slips to 10% of missed school time (which is two school weeks in a full year!) you will receive a further letter and are likely to be asked to come into school for a meeting. At this meeting we can look at problems you may be having getting your child into school and explore ways in which we can help, or refer you to agencies who may be able to support you.

Ultimately, attendance at school is a legal requirement and if attendance levels continue to be low, the Education Welface Officer for our schools will make contact with you. This could lead to fixed penalty notices being issued or legal action taken in order to ensure your child attends as fully as they can.

Attendance Flowchart