Curriculum Intent:

In the Village Schools Partnership, we teach French as our chosen Modern Foregn Language. We follow the Primary Languages Network scheme across all year groups in Key Stage 2 and in Year 2. Our intent is that children can begin learning a foreign language from an early age, along with the vital confidence and enthusiasm needed to become conversationally proficient.


We aim to teach French weekly in all Key Stage 2 classes and have chosen a scheme which allows for flexibility for mixed year group delivery and taking into account the impact of the global Pandemic (we withdrew French from the curriculum for almost 2 years in order to make room for core subject catch-up).

Children develop their skills in Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening throughout this progressive curriculum model.

Through their learning, children develop ability to communicate in French with the use of liguistically accurate videos, examples of written phrases and visual cues, all of which build in a spiraling curriculum. Common themes reappear in successive terms (food being a great example) and children are therefore able to draw upon and use previous learning when structuring their contributions.

Year 3 Long Term Plan

Year 4 Long Term Plan

Year 5 Long Term Plan

Year 6 Long Term Plan


We aim for children leaving at the end of Key Stage 2 to be confident in basic French, know some key vocabulary and how to express themselves.

The impact of our teaching is evaluated through Assessment Sheets:

Year 3 Assessment

Year 4 Assessment

Year 5 Assessment

Year 6 Assessment