Art and Design

Children will have the opportunity to harness their creativity through access to a high-quality art and design curriculum which allows them to be inspired and challenged, providing them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create  successfully

Art and Design teaching is based upon teaching the development of skills and techniques, within the areas of drawing,  painting, sculpture and other art craft and design techniques.
All skills are progressive and age appropriate. Focus is placed on colour, pattern, texture, line, tone, shape and form.

All classes undertake a balanced programme of art and design, which clearly builds on previous experience and takes
account of earlier achievements, in line with the National Curriculum expectations. Wherever possible, these are purposefully planned into our rolling connected curriculum to ensure learning is meaningful and progressive across the year groups.

Work from other artists, architects and designers, local and national, are used to illustrate different techniques and approaches to deepen children’s understanding of art and design and inspire outcomes.