Welcome to Hawks Class

Welcome to Hawks Class

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. For this half term, our connected curriculum question is ‘How to make and promote an imagery shirt?’ Your child will be exploring explanation texts, which explain how things work. We will be watching a short video called ‘The Shirt Machine’ which is based on an inventor who creates a machine which designs all kinds of shirts. They will be designing their own shirt and promoting it with an advert and a ‘Dragon Den’ style presentation to younger children. The topic web, which has all the key vocabulary and other key dates, for this half term is available on the back of this letter.


Below is a reminder about our expectations that we expect from our children at home on a weekly basis:

Weekly Home Learning Activity-  Weekly topic-based activity which is handed in and checked on a Monday.  Choose an activity from the dojo grid at the front of your Home Learning Book. Your child will need to complete three activities through this half term (one from each of the curriculum areas). They will be rewarded dojos for completing the tasks.

Yr. 5/6 ONLY- Grammar and Mathematics Home Learning- Each week, all Yr.  5 and 6 children will be given two additional activity sheets to complete at home (one being mathematics related and the other being related to grammar). This needs to be handed in on a Monday and will be checked overnight.

Spelling practice up to 3x a week (in 10min slots)- On Mondays, children will have their weekly spelling tests. It is very important to practise their spellings frequently for short periods. Five minutes an evening is better than 20 minutes the evening before the test. Using online games like ‘Hit the Button’ or mathsfactor.co.uk are very beneficial too.

Weekly times table tests- We will be continuing to test times tables weekly on a Monday. We will be using the online resource Mathsfactor.co.uk to test your child ability.

Reading regularly and recording in their Reading journals- SIGNED by a parent once a week. The school will check twice a week to ensure children are reading frequently. All reading can be recorded. Rewards will be available to children who read on a regular basis.


PE- Primary Sports and Education is continuing to provide our sports coaching and will be delivering PE sessions on a Friday afternoon (Dance). An additional PE lesson (Handball) will take part on a Monday morning. PLEASE ensure your child comes to school with the correct PE kit otherwise they will not be able to take part.

Keep an eye on the school’s website as it is updated frequently. There is a specific page for our class (Hawks Class) and I will update this regularly with news and photographs.

Finally, if you would like to speak with me, please contact the school office to make an appointment.

Many thanks,

Mr. Marks, Mrs Chalmers, Mr. Berry and Mrs. Berry

Here is our topic web for this half term:                                                                    Here is this half term's weekly homework: