Welcome to Hawks Class

Welcome back!!

I hope you have had a wonderful half term and ready to work hard.  For the first three weeks of this half term, we will be focussing on a science unit of ‘Light and Sound. Afterwards, we will be researching a period of history- The Victorians.

A vocabulary map, which shows all the key words for our units for this half term, is available on the website below:


Below is a reminder about our expectations, that we expect from our children at home on a weekly basis:

Spelling practice up to 3x a week (in 10min slots)- For this half term, your children will come home with a ‘Spelling Wall’ which has 40 words that they will be learning/ practising through this half term. At the end of the half term, children will be tested on 20 of these spellings.

Weekly times table tests- we will be continuing to test times tables weekly on a Monday.

Weekly home learning activity- handed in and checked on a Monday.  Choose an activity from the dojo grid at the front of your Home Learning book.

Reading regularly and recording in their Reading journals- SIGNED by a parent once a week. The school will check twice a week to ensure children are reading frequently. Rewards will be available to children who read on a regular basis.

Vocabulary Wall- On the back of the Spelling Wall, there is a Vocabulary Wall which we encourage you to use to help extend your child’s understanding of different vocabulary. They will not be tested on these but points (dojos) will be given if they are used in their writing.



Reminder for snacks at breaktime- I have become aware of a number of children that do not have a snack for playtime. It is a long time from breakfast until lunch and some children are getting hungry, which in turn affects their learning. Please ensure your child has a healthy snack to keep them going through the day.

PE- Primary Sports and Education (Miss Sloman) will be delivering PE sessions (Benchball/ Dodgeball) on a Friday morning. An additional PE lesson will take place on a Monday afternoon (Ultimate Frisbee). PLEASE ensure your child comes to school with the correct PE kit otherwise they will not be able to take part.

Yr. 6 SATs Preparation- It is that time of year again. We have 9 school weeks until SATs (w/c 13th May). Therefore, I will be offering additional after school sessions to go through practice questions/ paper with the Yr. 6s on a Tuesday from 3.30pm until 4.30pm. These sessions are not compulsory but will help your child in developing their confidence around answering SATs type questions. We will be starting with a reading focus for this half-term and then moving onto mathematics after the Easter holidays.


Finally, if you would like to speak with me, please contact the school office to make an appointment.

Many thanks and best wishes,  

Mr .Marks, Mrs Chalmers and Mrs. Underwood

Our Celtic Knots

During topic, we created our own ‘Celtic knots’ with Mrs. Bird. We had to cut different colour paper into different shapes. We made some cut outs with cardboard to make it easier. Then, we draw around the shape and cut them out. We had to have good cutting skills to do it. Once we cut out our shapes; we stuck them down on a black A3 piece of sugar paper to make the colour stand out.

When we had finished, we cut and stuck the first letter of our name so it represents our work. Then we took a picture of all of us to show you what we have done.

Written by Caleb and Oli (Yr. 5)

Firework Art

Fireflies used different techniques to created their own firework display.

Here is our topic web for this half term:                                                                    Here is this half term's weekly homework: