Extended Care @ Parkham Primary

Early Birds Club@ Parkham  

A new service starting Monday 25th June and continuing into 2018/19 

Running from 8.00 am Monday Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and from 8.30 on a Wednesday in the spare classroom. 

Supervised by Miss Evans or Mrs Underwood. 

Children can be registered for this provision on a daily or weekly basis. 

Cost £3 per day from 8 am or £1.50 form 8.30am  paid on arrival or in advance 

Please take your child into the main school building via the cloakroom door, pay and register. 

If you know your child will use this facility on a regular basis you can book  and pay by cheque via the office. 

If you do not pay on the day you will be sent an invoice  

Please note- children should not be dropped off on the playground. If you are dropping off early your child must go through to the classroom. 

The playground is only supervised from 8.50 am so any children dropped off before that, parents/carers will be charged as Early Birds 

Any enquiries please contact the school office. 

Extended Care Policy