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"The more that you read, the more things that you'll know.

The more that you know the more places you'll go" - Dr Seuss

Here in Owls class, we highly value the importance of reading, particularly at a young age. The enjoyment of reading is something we believe all children should experience, and so we would like to encourage you to read, read, read to your children whenever you can. Not only does this mean that they will develop a love of reading, but we have also found that reading helps to develop children's imagination, and later writing skills as they move through the school. 

In addition to reading TO your child, we also ask that parents/carers could spend a few minutes each day listening to their child read at home. We don't ask that this is lengthy or be the whole book, but just one or two pages a day, to help the child build fluency. 

Read 3 times for an effort stamp, round of applause from the class,

and recognition on the wonderful readers poster found on Owls classroom notices window. 

In our class, the children who manage to read 3 times in one week, will receive an effort stamp for their fantastic effort :) 

CURRENTLY IN OWLS WE ARE TRYING A NEW 2020 CHALLENGE: TO HAVE ALL CHILDREN STANDING UP EACH FRIDAY FOR READING 3 TIMES OR MORE!! If all children are standing up on a Friday - we will get a chocolate treat to take home!!

What if my child's book has no words?
Some of you will have noticed that your child has been given a book without words. This is to get them used to sharing a book with you, turning the pages, looking at the pictures and talking about what they notice. Hopefully this will help children to build up an enjoyment of reading, alongside story-times at school and home. You may want to talk about what is happening, what you can see, have a go at predicting what you think may happen next and just enjoy talking time together. 

Information about reading book system under the current circumstances: 
Due to current circumstances the reading book system will be a little different to previous years, and we will be collecting books on a Friday and will have a look to see how you have been getting on, and replace your book with a new one when necessary. This will allow the returned books to be wiped and isolated for 72 hours and ready for change over the following week. Although the children will not be bringing their book to and from school daily, we would still love for you to use the record book to record your reading at home, and will be looking at these on a Friday on change over. It is important that you bring this in each week on a Friday for us to have a look at. Those children who read 3 or more times a week will still receive an effort stamp for their effort and will make it onto our reading superstars poster!

Home learning: 
The focus for home learning in owls class is predominantly reading and enjoying stories at home, which we believe is fundamental to the children's success in literacy. In addition to this, we have been busy creating ideas below for you to extend and support your children's learning at home. We would love for you to explore the resources below, but would like to remind you that these are suggested activities, and that we do not expect you to do all of them in one week. The activities are intended to support children's learning over time, to hopefully build confidence and skills progressively at your child's pace. If you have any questions about where to start, or how you can support your child's learning at home - please do feel free to email me or catch me on the gate and I will be happy to help :) 

Letter formation resources: Please start with these. 

 long-ladder letters (Pre-cursive).pdfDownload
 one--armed-robot letters (Pre-cursive).pdfDownload
 zig-zag-monsters letters (Pre-cursive).pdfDownload
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Letter Formation (Cursive): Once your child can form all of these letters listed above correctly - please move onto cursive letter formation.

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What are we learning about this half-term?

Should you wish to have a look at what we plan on getting up to over the upcoming weeks, I have added this half-terms topic web outlining the learning outcomes. This terms Topic is "Food glorious food" which explores the local area around us which is predominantly a rural, farming community. For this Topic we will be enjoying the story "Handa's Surprise", which will inspire us to design and make our own fruit salads, and help us to extend our literacy skills. As part of this term, we will also have opportunities to explore the ever changing Autumnal season as part of our science learning, 

Phonics learning...

Helpful videos to take a look at to support your children's phonics learning: 


Listen to these Jolly Phonics songs. They help your child remember by adding songs and actions to each phoneme (sound).

This one is great to start with  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxpDWFCnyfU

This will be more helpful once the children have a little more knowledge - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euxN7LGOoLc

Year 1: 

Your child should be quite familiar with these sounds - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixndECFUbIo

This links contains new learning- https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2wpdvv. We will be learning these alternative pronunciations for phonemes (sounds) during our phonics sessions this year.

 phase 5 flash cards .pdfDownload
 phase 5 sound mat.pdfDownload
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Rainbow school: (Summer 2020). 

Home Learning - 13th July 2020


 All about me booklet.pdfDownload
 Lunchbox challenge.docxDownload
 My wish star.docxDownload
 Spreading my wings from Reception to Year 1.pdfDownload
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Year 1...

Home Learning- 6th July 2020

Transition: My wish star

For transition we are hoping to have the opportunity to reflect on the successes and achievements of the children throughout this year, both in school and at home and think about all of the new learning and skills we have gained, as well as think about what we may like to learn about and achieve as we move into the new school year. Therefore we would like to ask that you could take a look at the following document with your child and bring it to the online session to share together :) (More info including dates and times will be sent next week).


 Chiense Dragon template (Twinkl).pdfDownload
 Dragon mask template.pdfDownload
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Year 1...

Y1 English resources

 T2-E-597-Year-1-Adding-Suffixes-Teaching-Pack-Matching Activity.pdfDownload
 T2-E-597-Year-1-Adding-Suffixes-Teaching-Pack-PowerPoint- ing ed and er.pptDownload
 Writing ing words.pdfDownload
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Home learning - 29th June 2020 


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Year 1...

Year 1 English resources

 Activity Sheet Match Up Cards.pdfDownload
 Activity Sheet Using un- Words in Sentences.pdfDownload
 Activity Sheet Writing un- Words.pdfDownload
 Application Activity Fun With un-.pdfDownload
 Lesson Presentation Prefix un.pptDownload
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Year 1 Geography resources

 Brasilia or London Fact Cards.pdfDownload
 Lesson Presentation How Is Brasilia Different from London.pptDownload
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Home learning - 22nd June 2020


 Describing the Wizard or Princess.docxDownload
 Harold's friends split pin characters .pdfDownload
 Science Experiment- bubbling potion.pdfDownload
 Story - Harold Shares his Scarf.pdfDownload
 Story map template .pdfDownload
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Year 1...

Geography resources for Year 1 (22.6.20)

 # Lesson Presentation Travelling Ted Tours London.pptDownload
 Our Place in the World Adult Guidance.pdfDownload
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English resources for Year 1 (22.6.20)

 Animal Plurals Regular and Irregular.pdfDownload
 Animal Plurals s and es.pdfDownload
 Animal Plurals s.pdfDownload
 Plurals adding 'es' and 's'.pdfDownload
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Home Learning- 15th June 2020.


 Creating an oragami whale.pdfDownload
 Harold Photo.docxDownload
 Snail and the whale colour by numbers .pdfDownload
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Year 1...

English resources (Year 1)

 Question words.docxDownload
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Geography Resources (Year 1)

 # Lesson Presentation Let's Explore the UK.pptDownload
 Terrific Tour Guide Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Unique UK Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
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Home Learning- 8th June 2020. 


White rose maths activities

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Year 1...

Geography resources- Our country (Year 1)

 # Lesson Presentation Up, Up and Away.pptDownload
 Aerial Views of Buckland Brewer (Google Maps).pdfDownload
 My Journey Line Activity Sheet.docDownload
 UK Fabulous Facts Mini Book.pdfDownload
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Literacy Resources (Year 1)

 Noah's Ark story sequencing pictures.docxDownload
 Noah's Ark story stones.pdfDownload
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Look at all the amazing home learning Owls have been up to...

It has been so lovely to see all of you're great work and activities over the past few weeks, and all the fun you've been having at home with your families, and I thought it would be nice to share your achievements together. Keep up the good work - I am super proud of everything you are all achieving - Miss Piper :)

If you would like your pictures to be added to our home learning Gallery please email them to me along with permission for them to be published online :) 

Want some new reading books to look at? - Here is how you can find new ones!

If your child has exhausted their current reading books, and are looking to try and change them - here is the solution.  Below there is a link, which provides free access to an e-library, where you can find reading books for your child linked directly to your child's ability. You are able to search by children's age or by book level/colour, which means that they will still be able to change their books in exactly the same way as they would at school :).

If you are unsure of your child's book band level/colour or have any other questions, please do just ask (Their current colour may be on the back of their current book).

To access the free reading books you will need to go online to Oxford owl reading books: https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/books/free-ebooks/ and register to create an account.

Additionally- this site also has some fun activities to support your child with their reading, advice on phonics and much more!

Happy reading!!

A Stickman Adventure!

As a bit of fun, I have taken stickman on an adventure on my daily exercise - I wonder where he may go next time?

Maybe you have built a stickman and would like me to add it below?

Have you seen this wolf?...

He has gone missing and the pigs would like to find him to talk to him. He is sometimes found in different stories maybe you've seen him around? Let us know if you do...For now here is what he looks like...

(If you would like your poster shown, but haven't yet emailed me your poster with permission- its not too late!) 

Week 6 - 18.5.20

Geography resources

 # Lesson Presentation Welcome to the UK.pptDownload
 Activity Sheet The UK Atlas.pdfDownload
 Activity Sheet Where Does it Belong.pdfDownload
 The UK Factsheet.pdfDownload
 UK Countries Matching Cards.pdfDownload
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Maths resources/activities to support this weeks learning.

 Activity Cards - Add by Making 10- challenge cards .pdfDownload
 Activity Cards - Comparing Number Sentences.pdfDownload
 Addition and subtraction word challenge cards. .pdfDownload
 Frog Counters.pdfDownload
 Jumping Frogs Ten-Frame.pdfDownload
 Ladybird numberbonds to 10 matching game.pdfDownload
 Number bonds to 10 activity booklet.pdfDownload
 Snakes and ladders subtraction within 20..pdfDownload
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Week 5- 11.5.20

Maths resources

 0-20 numberline resource.pdfDownload
 10 frame template.pdfDownload
 Frog Counters.pdfDownload
 Jumping Frogs Ten-Frame.pdfDownload
 Ladybird numberbonds to 10 matching game.pdfDownload
 Number shapes resource.pdfDownload
 Part whole model template.pdfDownload
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English resources

 3 little pigs contractors brochure.docxDownload
 3 little pigs contractors brochure.pdfDownload
 YEAR 1 SPAG ACTIVITY 4.pdfDownload
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Understanding the World/Geography resources

 # Lesson Presentation Town and Country.pptDownload
 Activity Sheet Town and Country Venn Diagram.pdfDownload
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Week 4 - 4.5.20

English resources

 ENGLISH - Wanted poster word mat.pdfDownload
 ENGLISH -Wolf wanted poster.pdfDownload
 letter from the three little pigs .pngDownload
 Wanted poster 2.pdfDownload
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Understanding the world/Science resources

 YEAR 1 SCIENCE Materials Sorting Cards.pdfDownload
 YEAR 1 SCIENCE Scientific Vocabulary Cards.pdfDownload
 YEAR 1 Transparent or Opaque Sorting Cards.pdfDownload
 YEAR 1 Waterproof Sorting Cards.pdfDownload
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Week 3- 27.4.20

Literacy resources

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Understanding the World/Science resources

 Activity Sheet Umbrella Investigation Editable.docDownload
 Ted's emergency umbrella investigation.pptDownload
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Week 2 - 20.4.20


Can you help Mr Wolf?

Challenge number 2

Over the weekend I have received a voicemail from Mr Wolf - I'm a bit sad I missed his call (Hopefully you can open the link on your emails to hear it!) Anyway, he has asked me to thank you all for your help last week finding out what a material was! And now he needs to choose a material. To do this, he has been told that he needs to think about the properties of different materials, and what he would like his house to be like in order to help him decide. He has told me that he would like his house to be strong and waterproof - and wondered if you could investigate which materials are waterproof and let him know what would be good to use. 

I have added some resources below to help you with this, which are worth looking at! I just have one favour to ask, once you have done it, could you please email me to let me know?- I can then let Mr wolf know what you have found out! 

Have fun investigating!

English resources

 3 little pigs story sequencing cards - colour in yourself..pdfDownload
 Letter and Sounds Resource Phase 4.pdfDownload
 Letters and Sound Resource Phase 5.pdfDownload
 Letters and Sounds Resource Phase 3.pdfDownload
 Year 1 SPAG Activity.pdfDownload
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Understanding the world/Science resources

 Activity Sheet Description lesson 3.pdfDownload
 Activity Sheet Feely Bag lesson 3.pdfDownload
 Activity Sheet Testing Properties.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 Presentation- Properties.pptDownload
 Scientific Vocabulary Mat.pdfDownload
 Testing Properties Lesson 4 Presentation.pptDownload
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 Week 1 - 14.4.20

Mr Wolf's Challenge 1
Mr Wolf's Challenge 1

Home learning - Helpful resources for Week 1 (13.4.20)

 3 little pigs role play masks .pdfDownload
 3 little pigs stick puppets.pdfDownload
 3 little pigs storybook powerpoint.pptDownload
 Activity Sheet Object and Materials.pdfDownload
 Activity Sheet Object Challenge.pdfDownload
 Labelling Materials Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 The-Three-Little-Pigs-Stick-Puppets to colour yourself .pdfDownload
 three little pigs story photographed .pdfDownload
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Some additional resources for our period of home learning...

We all know how important it is to keep our mental health happy and healthy - so below I have added some resources and fun activities that may be useful to you...

PSHE actvities - (Emotions and feelings)

 emotions bingo - Headsup.docxDownload
 self esteem and snapdragons - Headups .docxDownload
 The 21-day happiness challenge - Headups .docxDownload
 Worry and anxiety - Headsup.docxDownload
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Some PE actvity ideas to get you moving :)

 KS1 Home Learning Pack -Sports 1.docxDownload
 KS1 Home Learning Pack week 2 .docxDownload
 KS1 Home Learning Pack week 3.docxDownload
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 100 square .pdfDownload
 common exception words year 1 .pdfDownload
 EYFS-Home-Learning-Pack- CS.pdfDownload
 KS1 Home Learning Pack -Sports 1.docxDownload
 Nursery rhyme booklet .pdfDownload
 Phase 5 Buried Treasure Phonics Game.pdfDownload
 Phonics Home Learning Revision Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
 phonics learning pack for Reception.docxDownload
 phonics learning pack for year 1.docxDownload
 Year 1 Practical Ideas - CS home learning pack.pdfDownload
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Struggling to explain what is going on to your little ones?

Well here is a little booklet which may be helpful to talk them through what is happening at the moment :) 


 Coronavirus explained for kids.pdfDownload
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WARNING Dinosaur Discovery! 

3 February 2020

Long long ago, in a time before humans lived, dinosaurs walked the earth. This week to the amazement of the children, the dinosaurs have once again walked the grounds of Buckland Brewer school, leaving remnants of poo and destruction.
Over the past week, the children of Owls class have been put to the test, using their skills of deduction, classification, observation, and identification to become the very best palaeontologist detectives.

Monday 3rd February, 09.00am.
This morning the children of Buckland Brewer Primary entered their classroom to find a unexpected surprise. The chairs were upturned, and games and toys piled amongst a trail of very big, very muddy footprints. For the safety of the children, the area had been cordoned off and secured and evidence preserved for investigation.
Luckily enough, some CCTV footage of the event was captured, and shown to the children at the start of the day.

Entering the science lab 09:30am
In our conservatory, the children of Owls class became specialist scientists to investigate the dinosaur poo. The children made sure they were protected from the substance, ensuring that they wore their gloves, aprons, goggles and lab coats at all times. The children used tweezers and other tools to dissect the faeces, identifying the contents of the dinosaur diet. Using this information the children were able to deduce which dinosaurs had been in the classroom, using what they have learnt so far about both dinosaurs and herbivores/omnivores/carnivores.
Alongside this investigation, other children followed another line of enquiry, investigating and measuring found dinosaur footprints. The children used their learning about measurement to help them to measure the length and width of the prints, and record this with support. The children also used an identification record to decide which dinosaur they believe the footprint to belong to.

Reporting the incident 13:30
Following our investigation, the Year 1 children became reporters, informing Mrs Finch of the unusual event. The children used their learning from previous literacy sessions, and recorded all of their ideas in the form of a letter. The children were hugely engaged and in fact produced the best writing this year!

A week of dinosaur discovery:
Alongside this learning hook, the children this week have been exploring the world of dinosaurs, through small world role-play, working up close a personal as palaeontologists on an archaeological dig, and recording what has happened as detectives.
The children have really enjoyed this learning, and we have seen some amazing learning opportunities unfold - Hopefully you've already heard all about it!


Mystery Egg!

13 January 2020

A Mystery Egg has been found by Owls Class.

Having come back from a lovely Christmas break, the children in Owls Class were delighted to have a surprise waiting for them! The children were informed that our care-taker had seen something interesting in the adventure playground and had asked that we investigate. The children put their coats on and walked out to see what was there, only to find a magical, silver egg laying on the grass.

The children decided that they would like to move the mystery egg into our classroom where we could take care of it, until it hatches. The children built the egg a nest using blankets and soft material to ensure the egg was kept warm, and could grow. We have had lots of discussion about what could have been inside!

A few days later....The egg began to hatch! The children enjoyed looking through the crack to see what they could see, and many children became excited at the prospect it could be real.


Now it is our job to find out what type of dinosaur it could be?! (It's a good job we have lots of good investigators in owl's class!)

Owls Class

Welcome to Owls Foundation Stage Unit

We are fortunate to offer a rich play-based curriculum here in Owls class for children from Rising 2's to 6, which provides opportunities for children to learn and develop together as a whole class, as well as though smaller, targeted groups.

At Buckland Brewer we are luckily to adopt a holistic approach to learning, where through a connected curriculum the children are able to make links between subjects and areas of learning. Topics are chosen to allow the children to really immerse themselves in learning, and these topics are chosen to allow Y1 and Reception to both be immersed in the learning environment together. 

Before lunch daily, all of the children in Owl's come together as a whole class group to share a story together (Story-time), and also share their own stories through "Helicopter stories". For this, the children will tell their own story to an adult, who will then scribe for them. The story is then read at this special time, to be shared with their friends, and acted out. Not only does this provide opportunities for adults to support children with their speaking and listening, but it also encourages the children to write and make marks, as they are inspired to story-write for themselves.  

Meet the staff
Within our Foundation Unit, We have Miss Bethany Piper (Early Years Teacher), who is supported by 2 highly experienced early years practitioners, Mrs Andrea Powe, and Mrs Jo Birch. 
On a Thursday, We also have  Mrs Brenda Adams who covers in the afternoon, who is also a HLTA throughout the school.  

On Friday's, we are also very lucky to have the opportunity to engage in sporting activities with a sports coach, Lily Nicholls. 


 In Owls class, we believe that play is not "Just play", but is rather a child's way of working. Therefore, play is at the heart of what we do within our preschool, where we follow the children's interests and take their learning to them through in the moment planning.

Children in Nursery will have opportunities to share stories in their small group, play ring games, and sing nursery rhymes, as part of their short maths and phonics sessions included throughout the day. 


In their Reception year, the children are lucky to have access to a shared continuous provision (Learning environment) with Y1 and Nursery, which allows the children to learn through play-based activity and exploration. The children in Reception will take part in daily phonics sessions, as well as whole group literacy and maths, as well as targeted group work. The children will learn through a connected curriculum and follow the same topics as Year 1. 

Year 1

In Year 1, we are very lucky in Owls, where the children have the opportunity to access the continuous provision, in addition to their connected curriculum learning. The children in this time will have the chance to choose their own learning, follow challenges, and really consolidate their guided learning.

What are we learning about in Owls class?

Over the Autumn term we have been looking at the Topics, "Magical me" and "Little people big dreams". Through these topics we have been exploring what it means to be individuals, and have looked at what we may want to achieve in the future. Through the Little people big dreams topic, we have been looking closely at the life of Amelia Earhart, who has inspired our children to "Think big". 

More recently, we have had a very cheeky visitor in Owls class, Bells the Elf. He has been up to lots of cheeky antics, and the children have enjoyed talking about and recording what he has been up to.