Welcome to...Owls Class!

Welcome to Owls Foundation Stage Unit

We are fortunate to offer a rich play-based curriculum here in Owls class for children from 3 to 6, which provides opportunities for children to learn and develop together as a whole class, as well as though smaller, targeted groups.

At Buckland Brewer we are luckily to adopt a holistic approach to learning, where through a connected curriculum the children are able to make links between subjects and areas of learning. Topics are chosen to allow the children to really immerse themselves in learning, and these topics are chosen to allow Y1 and Reception to both be immersed in the learning environment together. 

Meet the staff
Within our Foundation Unit, We have Miss Bethany Piper (Early Years Teacher) and Mrs Andrea Powe (Early years professional). 
On a Friday, We also have  Mrs Marie Roy who covers in the afternoon alongside Mrs Powe.   

On Friday's, we are also very lucky to have the opportunity to engage in sporting activities with a sports coach.  


In Owls class, we believe that play is not "Just play", but is rather a child's way of working. Therefore, play is at the heart of what we do within our preschool, where we follow the children's interests and take their learning to them through in the moment planning.

Children in Nursery will have opportunities to share stories in their small group, play ring games, and sing nursery rhymes, as part of their short maths and phonics sessions included throughout the day. 


In their Reception year, the children are lucky to have access to a shared continuous provision (Learning environment) with Y1 and Nursery, which allows the children to learn through play-based activity and exploration. The children in Reception will take part in daily phonics sessions, as well as whole group literacy, maths, and targeted group work. The children will learn through a connected curriculum and follow the same topics as Year 1. 

Year 1

In Year 1, we are very lucky in Owls, where the children have the opportunity to access the continuous provision, in addition to their connected curriculum learning. The children in this time will have the chance to choose their own learning, follow challenges, and really consolidate their newly learnt skills and knowledge.

What are we learning about in Owls class?


"The more that you read, the more things that you'll know.

The more that you know the more places you'll go" - Dr Seuss

Here in Owls class, we highly value the importance of reading, particularly at a young age. The enjoyment of reading is something we believe all children should experience, and so we would like to encourage you to read, read, read to your children whenever you can. Not only does this mean that they will develop a love of reading, but we have also found that reading helps to develop children's imagination, and later writing skills as they move through the school. 

In addition to reading TO your child, we also ask that parents/carers could spend a few minutes each day listening to their child read at home. We don't ask that this is lengthy or be the whole book, but just one or two pages a day, to help the child build fluency. 

Read 3 times for an effort stamp, round of applause from the class,

and recognition on the wonderful readers poster found on Owls classroom notices window. 

In our class, the children who manage to read 3 times in one week, will receive an effort stamp for their fantastic effort :) 

CURRENTLY IN OWLS WE ARE TRYING TO CONTINUE OUR CLASS CHALLENGE: TO HAVE ALL CHILDREN STANDING UP EACH FRIDAY FOR READING 3 TIMES OR MORE!! If all children are standing up on a Friday - we will get a chocolate treat to take home :)

What if my child's book has no words?
Some of you will have noticed that your child has been given a book without words. This is to get them used to sharing a book with you, turning the pages, looking at the pictures and talking about what they notice. Hopefully this will help children to build up an enjoyment of reading, alongside story-times at school and home. You may want to talk about what is happening, what you can see, have a go at predicting what you think may happen next and just enjoy talking time together. 

Checking and changing reading books:
We will be collecting books on a Friday and will have a look to see how you have been getting on, and replace your book with a new one when necessary.  we would love for you to use the record book to record your reading at home, and will be looking at these on a Friday on change over. It is important that you bring this in each week on a Friday for us to have a look at. Those children who read 3 or more times a week will still receive an effort stamp for their effort and will make it onto our reading superstars poster as well as stand up in assembly!

Home learning: 
The focus for home learning in owls class is predominantly reading and enjoying stories at home, which we believe is fundamental to the children's success in literacy. In addition to this, we have been busy creating ideas below for you to extend and support your children's learning at home. We would love for you to explore the resources below, but would like to remind you that these are suggested activities, and that we do not expect you to do all of them in one week. The activities are intended to support children's learning over time, to hopefully build confidence and skills progressively at your child's pace. If you have any questions about where to start, or how you can support your child's learning at home - please do feel free to email me or catch me on the gate and I will be happy to help :) 

Letter formation resources: Please start with these. 

 long-ladder letters (Pre-cursive).pdfDownload
 one--armed-robot letters (Pre-cursive).pdfDownload
 zig-zag-monsters letters (Pre-cursive).pdfDownload
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Letter Formation (Cursive): Once your child can form all of these letters listed above correctly - please move onto cursive letter formation.

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Phonics learning...

Helpful videos to take a look at to support your children's phonics learning: 


Listen to these Jolly Phonics songs. They help your child remember by adding songs and actions to each phoneme (sound).

This one is great to start with  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxpDWFCnyfU

This will be more helpful once the children have a little more knowledge - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euxN7LGOoLc

Year 1: 

Your child should be quite familiar with these sounds - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixndECFUbIo

This links contains new learning- https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2wpdvv. We will be learning these alternative pronunciations for phonemes (sounds) during our phonics sessions this year.

 phase 5 flash cards .pdfDownload
 phase 5 sound mat.pdfDownload
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Want some new reading books to look at? - Here is how you can find new ones!

If your child has exhausted their current reading books, and are looking to try and change them - here is the solution.  Below there is a link, which provides free access to an e-library, where you can find reading books for your child linked directly to your child's ability. You are able to search by children's age or by book level/colour, which means that they will still be able to change their books in exactly the same way as they would at school :).

If you are unsure of your child's book band level/colour or have any other questions, please do just ask (Their current colour may be on the back of their current book).

To access the free reading books you will need to go online to Oxford owl reading books: https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/books/free-ebooks/ and register to create an account.

Additionally- this site also has some fun activities to support your child with their reading, advice on phonics and much more!

Happy reading!!