The Role of the Governors

The Governing Board of The Flying Start Federation consists of twelve governors: the Executive Headteacher, two elected parents/carers, one member of staff, one representative from the local authority and seven co-opted governors from the community. Each Governor’s term of office generally lasts for four years but some Governors have provided longer service. The Governing Board also benefits from an Associate Member with a special interest in the welfare of the school community.

Governors are responsible for promoting high standards of education and planning for the future of the schools. They are the accountable body to parents and the community, and provide strategic direction to the schools by establishing a vision and setting the purpose and aims of the schools. Governors are not involved in the day to day running of the school- that is the Headteacher’s responsibility. Governors monitor and evaluate the work of the schools and the effectiveness of the school improvement plan. Governors act as a ‘critical friend’, supporting and challenging the Headteacher and leaders and holding them to account. 

During the year, we attend six full Governing Board Meetings and there are six Resources meetings. Please locate the terms of reference for each committee by clicking on the committee below. In addition to Chairs of various committees, there are Lead Governor roles which helps to share the workload.

Our work is supported by Caroline Boother, our Clerk to the Governors. Please contact her on cboother@flyingstartfed.org.uk should you wish to make contact with the Governing Board.


Governor Information

Governor Information (appointment and training) .pdf

Governor Policies

Code of Conduct for Governors

Governors Visiting School Policy

Virtual Attendance at Governor Meeting Protocol

Terms of Reference

First Committee ToR.pdf

Headteacher Appraisal Committee ToR.pdf

Pupil Discipline ToR.pdf

 Resources ToR.pdf

 Safeguarding Lead Governor ToR.pdf

Second Committee ToR.pdf


Minutes of Governing Board meetings


Full Governing Board Meeting - 13.09.2016

Extraordinary Full Governing Board Meeting - 06.10.2016

Full Governing Board Meeting - 18.10.2016

Extraordinary Full Governing Board Meeting - 22.11.2016

Full Governing Board Meeting - 06.12.2016

Full Governing Board Meeting - 07.02.2017

Full Governing Board Meeting - 21.03.2017

Full Governing Board Meeting - 25.04.2017

Extraordinary Full Governing Board Meeting - 13.06.2017

Full Governing Board Meeting - 11.07.2017

Full Governing Board Meeting - 12.09.2017

Full Governing Board Meeting - 17.10.2017

Full Governing Board Meeting - 05.12.2017

Full Governing Board Meeting - 06.02.2018

Full Governing Board Meeting - 20.03.2018

Full Governing Board Meeting - 22.05.2018

Full Governing Board Meeting - 11.09.2018

Full Governing Board Meeting - 17.10.2018

Full Governing Board Meeting - 10.12.2018

Full Governing Board Meeting -  12.02.2019

Full Governing Board Meeting - 26.03.2019

Full Governing Board Meeting - 21.05.2019.pdf 

Full Governing Board Meeting - 16.07.2019.pdf

Full Governing Board Meeting - 10.09.2019.pdf

Full Governing Board Meeting - 08.10.2019

Full Governing Board Meeting - 17.12.2019

Full Governing Board Meeting- 11.02.2020

Full Governing Board Meeting - 28.04.2020

Full Governing Board Meeting - 19.05.2020

Full Governing Board Meeting - 01.06.2020

Full Governing Board Meeting 15.06.2020

Full Governing Board Meeting 30.06.2020

Full Governing Board Meeting 14.07.2020

Full Governing Board Meeting 03.09.2020

Full Governing Board Meeting 08.09.2020

Full Governing Board Meeting 29.09.2020

Full Governing Board Meeting 20.10.2020

Full Governing Board Meeting 17.11.2020

Full Governing Board Meeting 15.12.2020

Full Governing Board Meeting 19.01.2021

Full Governing Board Meeting 09.02.2021


Our Governors


Alan Jones

Chair of Governors 

Following a career in the Construction Industry both in the UK and overseas, mostly in Project Management and Finance, I was persuaded, on retirement, to volunteer as a Governor at a Primary School in Gloucestershire.  In the role of Chair I was heavily involved with the conversion of the school to a sponsored academy working with the Local Authority and Department for Education.

My wife and I relocated to Devon in late 2013 to be nearer to our daughter and grandchildren in Barnstaple although this is slightly further from our son and other grandchildren in East Sussex and we are gradually getting to explore the surrounding area and have discovered plinth of walks.

My main skill sets are Financial and Organisational. I believe passionately about education and learning and on how best to prepare our children to thrive in life in an ever changing world and hope that I may contribute to this.


 Peter Cox

Joint Vice Chair of Governors 

Lead for Safeguarding

I am retired having served in Devon and Cornwall Police for thirty four years finishing as a custody Sergeant at Barnstaple. I have nearly completed six years as a parent and community governor at Pilton Academy. I live in Littleham and wish to serve the community further as a governor at a local school as well as Pilton. I am committed to assisting in providing the best possible education that the Flying Start Federation can provide . 

Sarah Day

SEND/Pupil Premium and Children in Care Lead

After working as a nurse for thirty two years, I took early retirement three years ago.  I am now ready for a new challenge and an opportunity to contribute to community life locally.  I have four grown up children who benefited from an excellent early education at Parkham Primary School. I feel that being a school governor and helping other children to gain a sound start to their education will be worthwhile and rewarding.

Phil Priest

Chair of the Resources Committee

A Governor since the start of the Federation, I am currently chair of Resources and Lead Governor on premises and health and safety. Both my children attended Parkham and I believe that the heart of a vibrant community is a successful local school.

Miranda Roper

Parent Governor

I joined the Flying Start Federation Board of Governors as a parent governor as my daughter is a member of Parkham Primary School. I currently live and work in Parkham. I feel that being a part of the Board will allow me to help to develop the school and the education that it provides for the children.


Heather McCarthy

Finance, Curriculum, PE and Sport Premium

I joined the Governing Board in the summer of 2019 keen to contribute to both Buckland Brewer and Parkham Schools. I have a son at Parkham and I am also on the PTA at Parkham School which I thoroughly enjoy. I work locally and am a Town Councillor in Northam so life is full.

Dave Watson


I recently retired after more than twenty years as a Child Care Social Worker with Devon County Council and previous involvement in Community Work. I was born in Buckland Brewer and attended Buckland Brewer School, as have my four children and grandson. I am involved in community activities in Buckland Brewer on the Parish Council and other groups. I am the school representative to the Buckland Brewer Hall. I am also involved in the Methodist Church in the village and wider area, but also with both Churches in Buckland Brewer. I am particularly interested in helping to build up links between both schools and the wider community.

Andrea Powe

 Staff Governor


Gina Finch

Head teacher


Rev Madeleine Bray 


In February 2018 I became a vicar in the Hartland Coast Mission Community, with Buckland Brewer and Parkham being two of my parishes. I live in Parkham.  I’ve lived in the North Devon area since 1976 – so I’m not quite local yet!  I have a son who lives near Taunton and who is married. They have a 1 year old son and on one of my days off each week I go up and look after my grandson while his parents are at work.   Since being here, I take the occasional school assembly, including some which are in church, and, as Associate to the Governing Board, I look forward to becoming more involved with each school.

 Caroline Boother

Clerk to the Governing Board