Ladybirds is the Foundation Stage Unit for Parkham Primary school, education and care for children aged 3-5.

Strawberry Tea

July 4th sees our annual Strawberry Tea community event.  Each class has entered a piece of art to be judged.  Please pop along to enjoy some cake and see local people exhibit their work alongside the school.


Summer Term 1- Commotion in the Ocean

Taking care

Over the last few weeks, we have been learning about our families and how we can take care of one another.  Last week, the children in Ladybirds, worked together to take care of an egg.  We had lots of different types of families: Mummies and Daddies; Mummies and Mummies and some just Mummies.  The children worked really hard at problem solving how to keep their egg safe and how to share responsibility.


Spring Term 2- Going Wild with birds

Giant Measuring

Ladybirds have been busy measuring their footprints after we received a giant letter from the Postman. The letter asked us if we could compare our foot sizes and find out who had the biggest feet. FS1 children did a great job beginning to represent their number by drawing dots and FS2 wrote the numeral.


Spring Term 1- Going Wild




This week we had the first of our visiting real life heroes, FIREFIGHTERS!  We all got a chance to have a ride in Twizy, the new electric car. We also tried on some very important uniform that we learnt firefighters need to get the job done safely.  We have been learning how to stay safe by writing safety rules and then putting them into practise with our fire pit and sparklers.



Autumn Term 2 - Real Life Heroes

'Supertato' and the Evil Peas

This week we have been reading the story of Supertato by Sue Hendra .  The children have been busy trying to deal with the Evil Peas and their sneaky escape.  We have been practising holding our pencils correctly by making wanted posters and displaying these around the school.  Fortunately, on Tuesday we were able to round up some of the Evil Peas...19 to be precise.  We counted carefully and put the Evil Peas in numerical order only to find that Evil Pea number 17 is still missing!  If you see him please approach with caution and contact Ladybirds for further details.

Settling into Ladybirds

A big well done to all of the Ladybirds this week who have settled into the new class routines  so easily.  All of the children look very smart in their new school uniforms and are keen to show us all of the amazing things they can do.  A polite reminder to label ALL clothes and school items because jumpers, water bottles and shoes do look very much the same!


Autumn Term - Superheroes