Parents and Carers.

Bringing up children can be one of the most demanding experiences that we are likely to face.  So here we have put together information and links which may help.

Our schools are part of the Torrington Learning Community, connected to the secondary school- GTS.  Click here to go to the Learning Community website to find more about the services available. Click here to go to GTS website.

Our Learning community employs a Parent Support Advisor- Lorrain Dunn - Contact her on TEL: 07496368754 or 01805622333.

Our Parent Support Adviser  is someone who works locally providing confidential support and advice to parents/carers of children who go to school within the Torrington Local Learning Community. What can a Parent Support Adviser (PSA) do for you?

  • A PSA can help parents and carers to get the best for their child at home, school and in the community.
  • A PSA can direct parents/carers to access further support and get answers to their parenting questions.
  • A PSA can help parents/carers realise/understand that parenting can be difficult at times, but they are not on their own and there is support.

Some of the areas our PSA can support you in are:

  • maintaining positive links with schools
  • offering advice on transition stages
  • signposting to other services and help
  • taking part in parenting courses and access to other education needs
  • helping and advising with behaviour, attendance and bullying issues.

School Nursing Team: see information below: