Buckland Brewer Consultation


Dear Parents and Carers,

RE:  Consultation on Age Range of Buckland Brewer School

Please find attached a consultation document concerning the change in age range for Buckland Brewer Primary School. 

The governors  wish to consult with you and the wider community on extending the age range of the school from 4-11 to 2-11.  The change  to taking place from the 1st September 2018.  We plan to bring the preschool on site to make a Foundation unit  but this is dependent on Devon County Council approving the funds for expanding school age capacity by creating an additional classroom.

To find out more and to ask questions we invite all to an open meeting on  Monday 5th March 6pm @ Buckland Brewer School.

 Yours sincerely,

 Mrs G. Finch and Mr A. Jones


Consultation document