Attendance Policy

As you know there is a direct link between progress in school and attendance, and I am pleased to say that attendance improved last year with Parkham exceeding our Target of 97% and Buckland almost reaching it with 96.8%.  Illness is often unavoidable but other absence is, which is why schools can only sanction planned absence in exceptional circumstance . The DFE argue that the school year has been organised so that there is plenty of opportunity to take family holiday outside of term time– please see letter from Nick Gibb  here.

When  your child’s attendance falls below 95% we will write to you to make you aware as this means a significant amount of teaching time has been missed and this is causing concern. We understand that bouts of illness, for example, chicken pox will impact on a child’s attendance but we plan to work with you to minimise missed learning where possible.  When a child's attendance continues to fall  and/or goes below 90%,which is classed as persistently absent, we may refer the case to the Education Welfare Officer for support and further action.

We do operate a safe child system so if we have not heard from you (phone or email) by 9.10 on the first day of absence we will call you to find out where your child is.

School starts at 9 am and children are marked as late when arriving after this time.

Click here for our Attendance leaflet

Our attendance policy will be found under Policies.